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For Communication Service Providers that desire help through the entire GIS/Ericsson Network Engineer project life cycle, TEKLABZ offers project services provided through our industry practices teams.

We provide a holistic approach and framework to deliver GIS based Telecom Inventory Management Solutions for Service Providers to achieve their goals. Our phased delivery methodology includes:

Planning & Implementation: Our GIS Architects will work with the clients’ core team to identify & define the requirements needed and translate them into Functional Design Specification Documents. The FDSs will be used to guide our team in System Installation, System Configuration, System Design and Core team Educational Development.

Data Migration & Cleansing: Your data is the lifeblood of your business. Improper conversions can results in loss of and/or corrupted data. We realize the importance of your data and make sure that it is accurately identified (extracted), analyzed (transformed) and converted (loaded) to the GIS based Inventory Management System data structure using our proven data loaders. Our process ensures that your data is accurately converted, quality controlled and cleansed before you make the switch.

Solution Deployment: Our deployment team assists customers in deploying and operating the system. Our deployment strategy is backed up with maintaining the system to fulfill the customers’ desire by providing the needed training and support that is designed to quickly bring your team up to speed on the newly implemented solution.

Process Development: Our consultants assist with business processes development to maximize the strategic and operational value of our customers’ GIS systems investment. We will work with you to analyze your current processes and map them to the required GIS based Inventory Management Solution to ensure that every aspect of your business is covered and assist you in implementing and auditing the future processes.

System Integrations: Systems integration are getting more complex to the point where companies are looking for integrating GIS with every system within the organization for better visualization, management, and operation. Our highly trained team in GIS sees the GIS integration nightmare as a challenge to meet. Working tightly together with customers to establish best results in GIS integration allows us to meet the customers’ business requirement.


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