Packaged Based

Packaged Services are standardized offerings that support customers and partners in the effective implementation and adaptation of ESRI and Ericsson Network Engineer software. The Packaged Services cover a variety of specific technical tasks that are designed to help you:

  • Reduce product installation and implementation time.
  • Quickly adopt new ESRI/Ericsson Network Engineer technologies.
  • Improve productivity and operational effectiveness.

Ericsson Network Engineer System Enhancement: Designed to help you enhance your Network Engineer System customization that are built by our team through providing packaged development hours. Our developers will work with your team to develop tools that will enhance your existing customization system to accept new requirement.

Rent-A-Tech: Get the support you need when you need it through providing a defined number of days of remote assistance or customer site visits. Our approach is to support your vision by configuring Ericsson commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) Network Engineer system to comply with you business rules and behavior. We provide interactive workshops and hands-on technology transfer to cover specific ESRI technology and GIS- or industry-related activities.

FTTx Network Plan and Design: Get the support you need to plan and design fiber to the home network through the FTTx Network Plan & Design Packaged Service. We provide highly skilled industry designers to supplement and support internal teams at the Communication Service Provider. Our services can be hired On/Off site depending on your system availability either in a scope or time model.

FTTx Area


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