Migrate to Esri Utility Network

In reality Telco Network migration from Geometric Network to Utility Network (Communictaions Data Model – CDM) is a required move.

Having the right partner to guide you through this process will make this move simple straight froward and eliminate all barriers.

Connect with us to understand our Utility Network migration experience and process, so we can explain all the details.

  • Setting up the latest Esri ArcGIS Enterprise with ArcGIS Pro, Portal for ArcGIS, Data Store and Utility Network.
  • Configure ArcGIS Utility Network to Map your Telco Models to developed model by “Esri Utility Network Product”.
  • Data Migration from the current GIS system to the Utility Network based on the telco model developed.
  • Provide migration scripts for largely automated transfer of network data to the Esri Utility Network.
  • Test of the provided Esri Utility Network functionality for documentation and information of the network data for your different use cases.

In the mean time, we will continue our work on supporting Telcos maintain their Goldmine (Network Data) and provide solutions to manage telco network assets on the the latest  ArcGIS Utility Network 

Teklabz TNM Product http://teklabz.com/gis-solutions/telco-network-manager/

Read our Story Map “The road to Utility Network Migration for Telcos”



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