FTTx Network Planning & Designs

TEKLABZ is well positioned to support any Communication Service Provider (CSP) in its FTTx Network Planning and Design Process and in a unique position where its team is thoroughly familiar with the GIS and Geo-Spatial Physical Network Inventory Management systems data modeling, implementation details and requirements, with the complex structures of the telecom network data of enterprise size and vast technologies.

FTTx Network Plan and Design service includes:

  • Telecom FTTx network planning (Feeder & Distribution)
  • Preliminary network design, Boundarization & Network Access Points
  • FTTx Network Design and Drafting
  • BoQ/BoM & Work Packages
  • Structure & Telco Networks Schematics Diagrams Generation
  • FTTx Network Update
  • Cabinet Update
  • FTTx / Fiber cable routing

Our GIS/Telco Subject Matter Expert (SME) will carry this job either remotely or on-premises.

In this service we promise to deliver the following:

  • A service which translates the CSP specific needs and requirements in Network Planning & Design.
  • A service delivery process which includes the CSP personnel. This means a shared language and commitment, and a service that is accepted as valid and relevant.
  • A service built on previous experience.
  • An experienced team in Geo-Spatial Physical Network Inventory Management systems and GIS professionals leading the implementation of a scope of work.


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