As GIS professionals we are required to meet strenuous certification requirements. Below is a sample of the ESRI and Ericsson competencies our team have obtained.


ESRI ArcGIS Suite of Products

  • Introduction to ArcGIS Server
  • Extending ArcGIS Desktop Applications
  • Developing Applications with ArcGIS Server using Java
  • Working with ArcGIS Schematics 9.2
  • Introduction to ArcGIS Schematics
  • System Architecture Design Strategies
  • Geodatabase Design Concepts
  • Implementing an Enterprise GIS Project – A Management Perspective
  • Geo-Systems Design Techniques
  • ArcGIS Server Enterprise Configuration and Tuning for Oracle
  • ArcSDE Administration for Oracle
  • ArcGIS Server Web Administration using MS.Net Framework
  • Introduction to the Multiuser Geodatabase
  • Data Management in the Multiuser Geodatabase


Ericsson OSS Inventory Management Systems (Physical and Logical)

  • Ericsson Network Engineer End User
  • Ericsson Network Engineer Administrator
  • Ericsson Network Engineer Model Builder
  • Ericsson Network Engineer Schematics Assistant
  • Ericsson Network Engineer Design Assistant
  • Ericsson Network Engineer Field Tool
  • Ericsson Granite Inventory End User
  • Ericsson Granite Inventory Admin Client
  • Ericsson Granite Inventory Advanced Modeling


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