Reporting & Business Insight

ENE Reporting & Business Insight is a solution that allows easy access to Ericsson Network Engineer data and enables its users to be more effective in querying network data and seamlessly share valuable information, make fact-based decisions and access relevant information whenever and wherever needed to achieve remarkable results.

ThisĀ  Desktop/Web basedĀ  (Dashboard) application targeted at Network Engineer End Users, Administrators/Section Managers, and Third Party/In-House Developers allows its users to generate tabular as well as graphical outputs from the network engineer database into a standard (enterprise branded) format from a configurable list of reports through a unified interface.

The reporting application allow administrators to manage and configure the list of reports, as well as manage the collection of reports (Report Suites). Administrators can also assign and revoke different privileges to certain reports and/or report suites.


The engine of the NE Reporting Application also exposes a list of public application programming interfaces (APIs) to allow third parties to create new types of report templates apart of the ones already provided by default with the application.

A list of built-in report templates are shipped within the NE Reporting Application ready to be configured by the administrator and used by the end user:

  • Bill of Quantities (BoQ)
  • Splice Connectivity
  • Work Order Progress
  • Cabinet Utilization
  • DF Utilization
  • Rack Space Utilization
  • Duct Space Availability
  • Served Parcels (Civil)
  • Served Units (Fiber)
  • Duct Space Record




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